Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First aid training

Im the one in the leather jacket and i was a patient. My mate Fahey hade to do first aid on me. I hade to pretend to be a person drouding or a drunk person. He had to lift my knee up, put one of my arms back and ond of my arms on my stomch.

It was alot of fun!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

School athletics day

At athletics i came 1st at everything ecsept for long jump and middle distance. At disscuse i threw 27.2m, at shot put i threw 8m and at high jump i made it up to 1.25m. I made it into cops athletics to face the best of the best. It was so hot i turned on the water fountain and wet my hole hair.It made it go curly lol.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photo that repersents my town

Challenge 3 activity 8
A very inportant thing about my tow is being the Kiwiana capital of New Zealand.
Welcome to New Zealand!, Otorohanga, New Zealand

This is an inportant icon just befor the town of Otorohanga.

If you visit my town

Week 3 challenge 2
If you visit my town you should go and check out our Kiwi house and the sir Edmund Hillary walk way.
You should visit the Kiwi house beacause were the only town in New Zealand that has one so it is really inportant to our town. The sir Edmund Hillary walk way is also a very in portant place in Otorohanga is well because we are the Kiwiana town of N.Z and that repersents Kiwiana.


One thing you would change in school

This is for challenge 2 activity 5
One thing at school you would change and why?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Our class speeches are coming up and im so nervious. I am doing my speech on Graffiti. I picked graffiti cause it was the most easiest for me. I already no heaps about it so i wont have to do much research. We are getting are speeches recorded so yous will all get to hear it. I hope yous will injoy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In the holidays i spent most of my time in Ngaruawhia with my mum. I only spent 3 days in Otorohanga  with my aunty and cousins. My mum took me and my 2 sisters to Raglan and we had a mean as swim. After are swim we all ate fish and chips in the town it was nice. The 3 days i spent in oto all did was go up town and go to Te Kuiti for a day. I went to T.K for my auntys wedding certificate. She took me to the warehouse and i seen some of my mates, we done some shuffling videos.
It was a fun holiday!